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Photos Product Title Model # Part # Stock Price
VICKERS Solenoid D05 , float center, 120 volt #DG4S4LW-016C-B-60
SP#1810 DG4S4LW-016C-B-60 Assembly# 02-119590 1 348.00 Add to cart
DG4V-3S-6C-M-FPA5WL-B5-60 VICKERS Solenoid D03 , float center, 120 volt
VICKERS Solenoid D03...
SP#1812 DG4V-3S-6C-M-FPA5WL-B5-60 Assembly#02-109823 0 260.00 Add to cart
DG4V-3-2C-M-FTWL-B6-60 VICKERS Hydraulic Valve 3 position Closed Center D03 size
VICKERS Hydraulic Va...
SP#1903 DG4v-3-2C-M-FTWL-B6-60 Assembly # 871471 2 236.00 Add to cart
DG5S4-022C-3-T-M-FW-B5-20-EN427 VICKERS Solenoid pilot Hydraulic Valve 3 position Closed Center
SP#1906 DG5S4-022C-3-T-M-FW-B5-20-EN427 Assembly#02-135744 1 700.00 Add to cart
DG4S4-012C-B-60 VICKERS Hydraulic Valve 3 position Closed Center
D05 Vickers 3 positi...
SP#1929 DG4S4-012C-B-60 Assembly # 879135 1 299.00 Add to cart
VSD05M 3F GB5H 60LA Continental D05 3 position Float center 120 volt
VSD05M-3F-GB5H-60LA ...
SP#1941 VSD05M 3F GB5H 60LA 3 275.00 Add to cart
DG4V-3S-7C-M-FW-B5-60 VICKERS Solenoid Hydraulic Valve 3 position 120 volt
VICKERS Solenoid pil...
SP#1964 DG4V-3S-7C-M-FW-B5-60 Assembly number02-109827 1 225.00 Add to cart
VICKERS Solenoid DG5S-8-2C-M-FW-B5-30 Hydraulic Valve, W/Viton seals, 3 position 120 volt
SP#2028 F3-DG5S-8-2C-MFW-B5-30 Assembly #02-127975 1 575.00 Add to cart
D1VW004CNYCF Parker D03 3 position 4 way valve, 120 volt
Parker D03 3 positio...
SP#2068 D1VW004CNYCF 1 175.00 Add to cart
D1VW4CVYCF56 75 Parker D03 3 position 4 way valve, 120 volt
Parker D03 3 positio...
SP#2072 D1VW4CVYCF56 75 1 225.00 Add to cart
DG5S4-10-2C-M-FW-B5-90 Vickers solenoid pilot operated D10 Large flow ,3 position , closed center
SP#2079 DG5S4-10-2C-M-FW-B5-90 Assembly# 02-127405 2 770.00 Add to cart
081WV10P1V6000D0 Bosch 3 position hydraulic valve, air pilot actuated, D05 size
081WV10P1V6000D0 3 p...
SP#2104 0810001860 2 280.00 Add to cart
DG5S-8-4C-VM-FW-B5-30 3 position Vickers Pilot opperated
Vickers DG5S-8-4C-VM...
SP#2309 DG5S-8-4C-VM-FW-B5-30 Assembly 02-126456 1 550.00 Add to cart
D1VHW4CNYC56-75 Parker D03 3 position 4 way valve, 120 volt
Parker D03 3 positio...
SP#2465 D1VHW4CNYC56-75 1 225.00 Add to cart
DG4V-3S-2N-M-FW-B5-60 VICKERS Solenoid D03 , 2 position, 120 volt
SP#2488 DG4V-3S-2N-M-FW-B5-60 Asswembly# 02-109577 1 230.00 Add to cart
VSD05M 3F GB-70L-A Continental D05 3 position Float center 24 volt
Continental Hydrau...
SP#2489 VSD05M 3F GB-70L-A 1 275.00 Add to cart
SP#2563 DG5S-8-6C-M-FW-B5-30 Assembly 02-126436 2 695.00 Add to cart
4WE6E61/EW110N9D D03 3 POSITION CLOSED CENTER solenoid valve
SP#458 4WE6E61/EW110N9D 4 210.00 Add to cart
D31V-W11C4NJCF 75 Directional Valve 30 gpm metered to Tank in center
SP#812 #D31V-W11C4NJCF 75 DIV-W4CNJCF 75 Pilot valve 1 234.00 Add to cart
REXROTH D03 VALVE STACK with many different valves
SP#821 4WE 6 D61/ OFEG 24N9K4 ,ZDR6DP2-43/75YM,Z1S6P1-33/V5090,2 PCS HED8 OA 1 345.00 Add to cart

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