Our basic course provides comprehensive discussion of the applications of Fluid Power Fundamentals as they apply to hydraulic and pneumatic systems. We offer a unique combination of hands-on training and textbook theory while utilizing real world hydraulic simulators. We also bring and demonstrate the latest in troubleshooting equipment and cutaways. (See picture of representative equipment.) We also help our students understand hydraulic symbols and how to identify their meaning. Throughout the school we emphasize safety considerations and hazards within hydraulic systems.

Basic content of a three day school can be tailored to a customers needs and priorities. We supply an Industrial Hydraulic Technologies textbook while supplementing the learning experience with Computer Circuit Simulations and follow up by hands-on circuit applications. We can modify the following format to a customers in-plant equipment.

We start with basic Fluid Power theory of pressure/flow relationships, work and power.

Hoses and fitting application and specification.

Pump theory and applications of pumps including gear, piston and vane.

Pressure controls including relief, sequence, pressure reducing, unloading, and counterbalance valves.

Hydraulic fluids fundamentals and proper maintenance with emphasis on filtration.

Flow controls: pressure compensated and non-compensated, bypass, flow dividers, how they are applied in circuits for most efficient design.

Construction/types and application of cylinders, hydraulic motors, rotary actuators.

We cover all types of valves including check, shuttle, directional, ball, pilot-operated check, etc.

On our trainers we simulate cavitation and aeration of hydraulic pumps for troubleshooting.


Our hydraulic trainers come equipped with working accumulators to illustrate charging/gauging and understanding how accumulators function using real life circuits.

Trainers come with automatic reciprocating cylinders, and a working proportional valve. We also discuss Servo and proportional valves as time allows.

Throughout our schools we illustrate troubleshooting techniques.