Ransburg Devilbiss Color Change Valve CCV-403-SS

Fluid Outlet: 1/4-inch NPT(F) X 1 port(Fitting installed 3/8-inch OD tubing) Fluid Flow Capacity: 3800 cc/min @ 47 psi pressure drop (Paint viscosity @ 700 entipoise)Varies according to material pressure and viscosity.

Air Requirements: 70-100 psig Operating Pressure

Fluid Pressure: 300 psig maximum

Fluid Inlet: 1/4-inch NPT(F) X 2 port(Fitting installed 3/8-inch OD tubing)

Ransburg’s Modular Color Change System incorporates a practical and flexible valving assembly suitable for a variety of applications ranging from small industrial shops to major automotive lines. The valving assembly consists of pneumatically-operated fluid valves and manifold blocks designed for all types of coatings